Future Directions

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Looking forward…

In 2022, led by the NVHA Board of Directors in collaboration with senior management and team leads, a collaborative process to share perspectives, experiences, expertise, and program goals began which contributed directly to the Nisga’a Valley Health Authority Strategic Plan 2022-2026 that includes broad objectives, specific goals, and key actions for the coming five years.

The NVHA took a consultative and holistic approach by embracing the concept of “Sayt K’il’im Goot,” “One Heart, One path, One Nation” to ensure that the vision “Daxgadim Gandidils,” “Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies, Healthy Spirits” is achieved.

Out of this process, and led by our values, vision, and mission, NVHA has identified four focal areas moving forward, each with related objectives and goals:


Working through the Nisga’a Paradigm in all that we do


Striving for excellence through consistent growth and improvement in organizational capacity


Prioritizing a community-based focus for our work


Providing the best possible healthcare through strong, effective relationships

The Strategic Plan lays out the goals and specific actions that will continue to improve the high-quality health care delivered to Nisga’a and non-Nisga’a citizens and helps measure how far we have come in achieving those goals.

The purpose of the strategic plan is to improve the health outcomes for the Citizens through prevention programs, allowing the Nisga’a Nation to regain control over the processes and measures of success.

Read the Nisga’a Valley Health Authority Strategic Plan 2022-23 HERE.